Developing my skills and style

Being a motion graphics designer for quite some years now, I've decided to start developing some new skills. Since software like After Effects, Photoshop and Cinema4D, really feel like a second nature to me, I'm looking forward to dive into a new 'world'. Where I can discover, learn and grow in new ways.

Something like this may seem daunting at first, but actually isn't that difficult to do. You just need to start doing it. And not thinking about doing it, or thinking about how to start. Just do it. (sounds like a good tagline).

Doing the same thing everyday for 30 minutes, will really develop any skill, and will show great progress after a year (at least, that's what I hope). Here's what I (try to) do: everyday after dinner, instead of scrolling through news, social media or tending my crops in Stardew Valley, I pick up my sketchbook and start drawing for 30 minutes.

Drawing journey

Drawing everyday, so far is really fun, and boosts my creativity and energy. What helps a lot, is joining a 'community'. On Instagram there are a lot of helpful, positive people, that help me sticking to my 'plan'. There are tons of 'drawing challenges' to be found. Joining in daily or weekly drawing challenges, really help me and inspire me. But where do I hope, this drawing journey will take me?

Developing basic skills


Practice. Practice. PRACTICE. It sounds like work, but it's fun and really develops your skills.

I try different styles and techniques. I fail and succeed. I learn.

Learning about materials

There is so much info about drawing on YouTube, I often lose myself in the "Rabbit Hole".

But it is so much fun to learn about new stuff, and it really triggers me to try out and learn new techniques and styles. I never knew there was such a range of papertypes, sketchbooks, alcoholmarkers, posca pens, etc etc etc.

Finding my own style

In the end, I really hope to find and develop my own drawing style. I think this mainly comes and grows, by doing things regularly. The more you weave art into your daily life and your personality into your art, the easier it will be to cultivate your style, but all of this takes time.

For me, with motion graphics, it also took some time to really develop an own style of 'timing, flow, and animation'. It takes practice to develop your skills, and make it become a second nature. One great and inspiring story is this video from struthless. He explains his journey and the best drawing advice he ever had. But I think this video is much more than that. It contains really great advice in developing any skill, and finding you path.

The drawing advice that changed my life: "Draw the same thing every single day" struthless